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Purchase Order Financing

Capital to pay your suppliers while you grow your business

Purchase order financing provides you with the necessary capital to pay your suppliers while you are fulfilling customers’ orders. It allows you to make sales that otherwise would exceed your current financial capabilities, providing a solid platform for growth. Purchase order financing can help you grow your business by enabling you to accept large orders and increase your sales. For companies that are positioned to grow, but may have maxed out their traditional lines of credit, purchase order financing from AmRock Financial can be a life-saving solution.

How does purchase order financing work?

  • You send a purchase order to your supplier
  • You send us copies of the purchase orders from your customer and to your supplier
  • Once approved, we pay your supplier using a letter of credit or cash
  • Once the product ships to your customer, you invoice the customer
  • You send us a copy of the invoice and proof of delivery
  • When your customer pays the invoice, you pay us the cost of the goods plus a small fee

How do I know if I need purchase order financing?

  • My vendor will NOT ship me product on open terms and demands payment on/or before shipment
  • My customer has given us a purchase order and we need capital to purchase the goods
  • I need inventory
  • I manufacture a product and need to purchase raw materials to fulfill an order
  • My bank will not finance 100% of the cost of goods I am purchasing

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